Tuesday, December 14, 2010

all work and some time to play

I have been sooo busy last few days
but sooo happy in so many ways.....
Have been working a few days helping out a friend.
Well have had my sister and our friend visit from the coast.  Four kids, three women and one man - my poor boy.  We shopped at Highfields (Abbie Lane, Chocolate Cottage, Danish flower art and Jacaranda place) and managed to complete some more Xmas scavenging. I also found some beautiful eggs and birds for a future art project - will post it when done.
We did a whirlwind tour of Toowoomba, checking out some old haunted houses - didn't see any ghosts though - (Ascot, Vacy, The Railway st attractions, etc).  Then  a visit to my old stomping ground at Flagstone Creek (thankfully we didn't get washed away up any rivers), for a crafty Xmas Breakup at Auntie Ney's.

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