Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My home town

Recently my home town made news all over the world due to severe flash flooding in our city of Toowoomba.  Thankfully my family are all safe and we only have minimal damage to our property.  But it is a day that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

My appointment in the city centre was rescheduled from 2:30pm to 2pm and something told me to be early and take an alternate parking spot that day, so thankful that I listenned to my "inner voice" that day. I walked out of my appointment and was about to walk between two shopping centres, before I stopped and saw the torrent of water in front of me.

My kids were at their Grandmas on the other side of the creek and I had no safe way to get to them till the next day.  My poor Mum had two kids with only 3 nappies, running amok totally oblivious to the world around them.

My hubby was stuck at work in Grantham for over 24 hours.  All he could do was watch as the water rose from a small river to a 1.6km wide torrent, carrying debri, etc, in front of his eyes. About 80 of his co-workers were stuck there, some for up to 3 days. Also as most of them live in nearby towns, we are still waiting to hear that all got home safe that day who left from the early shifts.

It really makes you think about life to go through an experience like this. I really hope I can learn to never waste another day, as each one we live is so precious, and made all the more so when our loved ones are safe and happy with us.

My thoughts and prayers still remain with the families who are awaiting answers of their loved ones.

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